London-trained Beverley Cappleman has been cutting and colouring, styling and transforming her Hong Kong clients since she arrived in this dynamic metropolis 20 years ago.

A celebrated stylist with a finely-tuned beauty mastercraft, Beverley forged a stylist career through her signature approach to the whole image: hair, beauty and fashion.

About Me

An iconic inspiration to her clients and followers with her own personal style: effortlessly tousled hair, radiant skin, elegantly restrained make-up and her indelibly cool fashion aesthetic,  Beverley built a reputation at her luxe multi-level salon where each floor functioned to offer redefining hair, beauty and styling concepts to her clients.

Beverley not only became Hong Kong’s go-to stylist,  including celebrity clients such as Arianna Huffington and Vera Wang, she also worked with international brands, led and trained teams and talents, collaborated with designers and photographers on numerous notable styling projects, and hosted regular hair styling, beauty and fashion events.

A natural progression in her journey towards the elevation of authentic image crafting, Beverley now sets her experience, network and passion for the ‘whole aesthetic’ laid bare in Little Black Book Styling.

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